Sunday, November 28, 2010

Picture Pencil

A cheap and cheerful idea for a Christmas stocking filler, I would show you the link but I can't find it. All you do is print 3 x 5 by 6 photo's onto normal printer paper then divide into 4, measure across as I can't remember the sixes then cut out. Then I rolled the photos onto 12 pencils and voila. I am going to mix them up and put them in a bag with a label with a picture on and call it a jigsaw pencil puzzle!!, might keep my niece's entertained while mum and dad can get on with making dinner.
Tutorial is here


  1. Looks a brilliant idea - I could do that on crayons for my great nephew - but I haven't grasped where I cut them?

  2. Now that's a really clever idea! Jaqui x

  3. That looks great, will drive your niece mad trying to piece it all together lol!!!